As a registered NANOG attendee, you are welcome to make networking easier by scheduling appointments or meetings with other registered attendees who have also opted into the Appointments feature.  Once scheduled, you can add these appointments to your personal e-calendar.  When registering for NANOG, select if you would like to opt in or out of receiving  appointment requests.  

As a reminder, use of the Appointments Tool is subject to NANOG's Code of Conduct.

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New Scheduled Appointments

There are two pathways to schedule appointments with other registered attendees.

  1. Your meeting registration confirmation webpage

  2. Your meeting confirmation email link

To access the Appointments feature via the registration confirmation webpage you can click here  

1)  Enter email address and Registration Confirmation Number

Appointments 1 

2) Select ‘Schedule Appointments’ Button

Appointments 2 

After the appointment is created, an “Add to my calendar” link will let you know to add to your Outlook, iCal, Google, Yahoo!, or MSN calendar.  The name and status (pending , accepted, or cancelled) of everyone invited is pulled in.  Appointment information for all participants will be Attendee Name, Company Name, and Title if provided upon registering. Attendee email address will not be viewable.  

To create an appointment, Give it a name, enter the date, appointment start & end times, appointment description, and appointment location.

Add yourself as an Organizer, then add desired attendees.  Once done, click okay.  You will have the opportunity to opt out of receiving these types of notification requests, offer alternative appointment times or make updates to your appointment times.  If the opt out choice is selected, your name will not appear on the invitee list and you will not receive appointment requests.

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Once done, click Save.  You will be sent a confirmation email of your appointment.